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Through Conduit Expanding Gate Valves | Series KE

Through Conduit Expading Gate Valve

The KE Series is an advanced API 6D designed gate valve that provides a tightmechanically activated seal. It has double sealing, bi-directional sealing anddynamic mechanical sealing function, a full bore port, and is fully piggable. Main applications are oshore/onshore drilling and production, oil and gas transportation isolation, upstream gas compression isolation, hot steam, and oil tank storage.It can also be used for block and bleed applications.

Design Features

  • Full bore design, allowing for scraper, shot tap cutters and pigs.Negligible pressure drop.
  • Fire safe design to API 6FA / API 607.
  • Special top entry design, allowing for in-line maintenance.
  • Valve cavity is isolated from the flow both in fully open and fully closed position. Stem packing can be replaced in-line in fully openand fully closed position after cavity pressure released from bodyvent drain plug.
  • Automatic pressure relief system will release the over pressure in the cavity, protect the valve.
  • Can be installed with pipe at any angle, vertical, horizontal, reverse position.
  • Multi-operator types: handwheel, gear box, pneumatic, electric, etc.
  • Dust proof plate on yoke.
  • Valve has back seat and stem blow-out proof design.
  • Seats may be lubricated to promote long life, minimize operating torques, or eect a seal in an emergency.
  • Especially suited for Pig Traps isolation.
  • Double Block and Bleed Performance.

Pressure Relief Provisions

Because expanding gate valve is utilizes a dynamic bi-directional sealing valve, pressure will be trapped in the valve body cavity when the valve is in the full open or closed position.

High internal pressures can result from the thermal expansion of the fluid trapped in valve cavity, and this over pressure will be released by the body safety relief system to either external piping or to the inlet side of the valve. Conforms to API 6D.

Automated Valve Assembly

J Flow Controls offers fully automated valve assemblies with specialized, custom brackets for all your valve actuation needs. We have over 25 years of extensive experience with control valves, positioners, linear or rotary applications, spring and diaphragm actuators, and rack and pinion actuators. Other actuation options include a variety of electric actuators, Asi Limit switches, Solenoids, and valve positioners. We also manufacture Safety Fusible Link valves, used in many fire protection systems throughout the world.

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