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Specialty Valves

Forged Valves

wedge gate valves
Series KO
The KO Series API 600 wedge gate valve can be designed and manufactured either to API standard dimensions or DIN standard dimensions. Special requirements by the customer can be accommodated, please contact factory.

Through Conduit Expading Gate Valve
Series KE
The KE Series is an advanced API 6D designed gate valve that provides a tightmechanically activated seal. It has double sealing, bi-directional sealing anddynamic mechanical sealing function, a full bore port, and is fully piggable. Main applications are oshore/onshore drilling and production, oil and gas transportation isolation, upstream gas compression isolation, hot steam, and oil tank storage.It can also be used for block and bleed applications.

low pressure gate valve
Series KB
Low Pressure Gate Valve API 600

Series SC
Swing Check Valve API 600

Stainless/Bronze inline check valves
Series 6800
Stainless/Bronze In-line Check Valves

low pressure swing check valve
Series SB
Low Pressure Swing Check Valves

low pressure globe valve
Series GB
Low Pressure Globe Valves

Plug Valves

sleeved plug valve
Series 5400
J Flow Controls' sleeved plug valves feature the state-of-the-art in PTFE fluorocarbon seats design. With the structure of double sealing grooves with sealing rings, the high integrity bubble tight seal is provided both inline and to atmosphere. The sleeved plug valve, with working pressure ranges between -20°F and 356°F, are suitable for use in various kinds of pipeline application such as petrochemical, chemistry, pharmacy and chemical fertilizer.

lubricated balancing plug valves
Series 5500
Lubricated Balancing Plug Valves

LPG Valves

J Flow Controls LPG Valve Line
J Flow Controls LPG Valve Line
J Flow Controls offer a complete line of valves, Regulators, Level Gauges for LPG Domestic tank, LPG Storage Tanks and Portable Cylinder Applications and it can be used in above ground or underground.
These valves can be used on Large Tanks, Portable Tanks and Automotive.

Automated Valve Assembly

J Flow Controls offers fully automated valve assemblies with specialized, custom brackets for all your valve actuation needs. We have over 25 years of extensive experience with control valves, positioners, linear or rotary applications, spring and diaphragm actuators, and rack and pinion actuators. Other actuation options include a variety of electric actuators, Asi Limit switches, Solenoids, and valve positioners. We also manufacture Safety Fusible Link valves, used in many fire protection systems throughout the world.

Automate with J Flow Actuators

Automation Controls and Accessories