Flanged/Wafer Segmented Control Valve | Series 9900

Segmented Flanged Control valves

The 9900 series flanged/wafter segmented control valve for regulating media flow capacity. This valve is a key product for the ethanol industry.

The segmented V-port ball control valve provides excellent modulating control with obstruction free design. The uni-body construction provides increased structural integrity and minimized leaks through body joints. The specially designed compound V opening provides precise equal percentage flow control with small incremental opening in the lower end of the valve rotation and high flow capacity in the upper end. The nearly wide open at full open, along with recessed bearings, virtually eliminates plugging/clogging of the valve.


  • Size Range 1-1/2” - 30”
  • ISO 5211 Direct Mount Design
  • ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900
  • Flanged and flangeless versions available
  • Live Loaded Packing
  • Protected Bearings, Top & Bottom
  • Easy Installation and Versatility
  • Standard ISA 75.04 face-to-face; Option: ANSI B16.10 short pattern
  • Extremely low actuator torque
  • Reduced trim option
  • WCB, 316SS, 317SS, and other alloy materials
  • Soft seated and metal seated
  • Patents Pending

NEW » Live Loaded, Direct Mount, Segmented Valve (Patent Pending) is NOW available.


The valve can be direct mounted (no mounting bracket or coupling) to:

  • J-Flow’s JFD spring & diaphragm actuators,
  • J-Flow’s JFC rack & pinion actuators, or
  • J-Flow’s JFE electric actuators

They can be controlled with a variety of J-Flow positioners:

  • Pneumatic
  • Electro-pneumatic
  • Digital smart

There are two actuator mounting options.

  • The standard connection is direct mount compatible with any ISO 5211 standard actuator. Optional splined connection for the installation of diaphragm actuators with DSY-DSZ conversions.


The valve’s design allows control of the most fluids used in many industries. The valve is suitable for fibers, particles in suspension, dirty, clean, viscous, and corrosive fluids, gas, steam, and especially pulp and paper applications. The valve can be supplied with a variety of actuators, positioners, limit switches/transmitters, or other topworks accessories.


TFM, Suitable to temperatures of 500 °F for general services where ANSI Class VI shut off is required to comply with ANSI/FCI 70-2.


Suitable for erosive services, fibers, chemical fluids with suspended solids, and high temperature applications. Metal seat with hardened stellite contact surface and 316 stainless steel segmented ball with tungsten carbide coating ANSI class IV shut off.

A Wide Range of Control Valves

J-Flow Controls offers a wide range of control valves, from the most simple “V-notch” ball control valves to segmented V-ball and engineered globe control valves. J-Flow’s broad product offering and use of our own control valve sizing program, allow us to analyze customer’s requirement and apply the best valve for the application. J-Flow has an excellent track record of saving customer’s money by providing the least expensive type of valve without compromising performance.

All modulating control valve quotes are provided with a Control Valve Sizing Data Sheet to ISA standards. Noise and cavitation prediction data is also included. J-Flow globe control valves utilize a variety of special trims to reduce noise or reduce and/or eliminate potential cavitation. Latest technology accessories include positioners and other communication devices that incorporate pneumatic, analog (I/P), and digital technologies (HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, AS-I, wireless).