Three-piece Direct Mount 2,000 PSI Control Valves | Series OB4600

3-piece direct mount 2000 psi control valve
  • Advantages:
    • Three piece high performance ball valve
    • Body and end caps quality investment casting
    • Available in stainless steel or carbon steel
    • Blow-out proof stem design
    • 100% air tested under water at 80-100 psi
    • Working pressure: 2000 WOG
    • Temperature range: -20°F to +450°F
    • ISO 5211 direct mounting pad
    • Locking Device
  • Size:
    • Ranges from 1/4” to 4”
  • Service:
    • Hydraulic
    • Steam
    • Oxygen
    • Vacuum
    • Thermal Fluids
    • Chemical
    • Oil/Gas
    • Food Processing
    • Dry/Liquid Chlorine
A Wide Range of Control Valves

J-Flow Controls offers a wide range of control valves, from the most simple “V-notch” ball control valves to segmented V-ball and engineered globe control valves. J-Flow’s broad product offering and use of our own control valve sizing program, allow us to analyze customer’s requirement and apply the best valve for the application. J-Flow has an excellent track record of saving customer’s money by providing the least expensive type of valve without compromising performance.

All modulating control valve quotes are provided with a Control Valve Sizing Data Sheet to ISA standards. Noise and cavitation prediction data is also included. J-Flow globe control valves utilize a variety of special trims to reduce noise or reduce and/or eliminate potential cavitation. Latest technology accessories include positioners and other communication devices that incorporate pneumatic, analog (I/P), and digital technologies (HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, AS-I, wireless).