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Control Valves

Control Valves

Single Seated Globe Control Valve with Top Guide
Series 2000
Single Seated Globe Valve with Top Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                            

globe valves, 3 way mixing, 3 way diverting control valves
Series 3500
1"-10" ANSI 150-600 3 Way Mixing / 3 Way Diverting Globe Valve

glove valve - heavy duty cage balanced with low noise and anti-cavitation | 4000 control valve
Series 4000
1/2"-24" ANSI 150-2500 Heavy Duty Cage Balanced Globe Valve

2-piece high performance flanged ball valves
Series OBDM2500
1/2"-12" ANSI 150-300 V-Ball Direct Mount Flanged Control Valve

3-piece direct mount 2000 psi control valve
Series OBDM4600
1/4"-3" 2000 PSI ANSI 150-600 Direct Mount Control Valve

Segmented Ball Valves

Segmented Ball Valve, Flanged V-Port Control
Series DM9900
Segmented Ball Valve, Flanged

Wafer Segmented V-Port Control Valve
Series DM9900-W
Segmented Ball Valve, Wafer

J Trim Anti-Cavitation Trim Live Loaded Segmented Valve
Series DM9900 J Trim
Anti-Cavitation Trim Live Loaded Segmented Valve

J Trim Wafer Segmented & Anti-Cavitation V Port Control Valve
Series DM9900-W J Trim
Wafer Segmented & Anti-Cavitation V Port Control Valve

A Wide Range of Control Valves

JFlow Controls offers a wide range of control valves, from the most simple “V-notch” ball control valves to segmented V-ball and engineered globe control valves. JFlow’s broad product offering and use of our own control valve sizing program, allow us to analyze customer’s requirement and apply the best valve for the application. J-Flow has an excellent track record of saving customer’s money by providing the least expensive type of valve without compromising performance.

All modulating control valve quotes are provided with a Control Valve Sizing Data Sheet to ISA standards. Noise and cavitation prediction data is also included. J-Flow globe control valves utilize a variety of special trims to reduce noise or reduce and/or eliminate potential cavitation. Latest technology accessories include positioners and other communication devices that incorporate pneumatic, analog (I/P), and digital technologies (HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, AS-I, wireless).