Firesafe Top Entry Ball Valve (3 piece firesafe) | Series 9400

firesafe top entry ball valve | firesafe 3 piece ball valve
  • Design Features:
    • Full port 1/2" - 10"; Regular port 1/2" - 12" threaded, socket weld, butt weld, and flanged ANSI 150 - 2500
    • Seats compensate for wear and fluctuations of pressure and temperature
    • Multiple solid cup and cone type PTFE stem seal or graphite packing
    • Two-piece self-aligning packing flange and gland
    • Stem guides in cover and gland bushing eliminate side thrust
    • Longer cycle life
    • Lower, uniform torque
    • Blow-out proof stem
    • Live-loaded thrust washer prevents galling and provides a secondary stem seal
    • Meets ASME B16.5, B16.10 and B16.34, API 608, API 598, API 607 Rev. 5/ISO 10497
    • Fully-enclosed spiral wound graphite filled stainless body gasket
    • Permits in-line access for seat replacement
    • ASME Section 8 cover/body flange connection and bolting provide high sealing integrity of body gasket
    • Body-cover joint not affected by pipe stresses
    • Wall thickness complies with ASME B16.34
    • Can be welded into line without disassembly
    • Stainless steel trim on all valves including handle
    • Oval handles with locking devices, as well as extensions available
    • Ball-to-stem only (2" full port and larger) and stem-to-body static ground
    • Locking devices standard
    • Tapping for mounting actuators standard
    • AGA and CGA approved, regular port, thread ed ends (optional) 1/2" - 2"
    • Valves can meet NACE specifications for sour gas service when required
    • Optional topworks:
      1. Live-loaded single or double packing
      2. TA-Luft certified when supplied with PTFE live-loading packing (optional)
      3. Bellows seal design
    • Fire tested in accordance with API 607 Rev. 5/ISO 10497
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