Three Way Flanged Ball Valves | Series DM3LT2A00F

3-way high performance flanged ball valves
  • Advantages:
    • Available in stainless steel or carbon steel
    • Body and end are investment cast
    • Self-adjusting stem packing
    • Available in T-port, L-port, X-port
    • Available in 3 way, 4 way or 5 way
    • 4 piece ball seats (PTFE + 15% C.F.)
    • Blow-out proof stem design
    • 100% air tested under water at 100 psi
    • Working pressure 285 psi to 3000 psi
    • Temperature range: -20°F to +1000°F
    • ISO 5211 mounting pad/connection DIN 3337
    • Locking device
    • Silicone free
  • Size:
    • Ranges from 1/2” to 10”
  • Options:
    • 3, 4 or 5 way
    • T-port, L-port or X-port

ANSI 600 Trunnion 3-way Soft and Metal Seated

J flow now makes ANSI 600 trunnion 3-way flanged valves with soft seat and metal seat. Contact us to learn more »

Trunnion 3-way flanged valve
Fully Automated Assemblies

J Flow Controls offers fully automated valve assemblies with specialized, custom brackets for all your valve actuation needs. We have over 25 years of extensive experience with control valves, positioners, linear or rotary applications, spring and diaphragm actuators, and rack and pinion actuators. Other actuation options include a variety of electric actuators, Asi Limit switches, Solenoids, and valve positioners. We also manufacture Safety Fusible Link valves, used in many fire protection systems throughout the world.

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