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Spring Diaphragm Actuators | Series JFD

weather proof, explosion proof electric actuator

JFD Spring Diaphragm Actuator for compact, precise control in easy field changeable fail open and fail closed. Actuator to valve mounting complies with ISO 5211 standard and positioner mounting complies with NAMUR standard. Three different sizes are available for actuation up through 12" J-Flow DM9900F segmented V-Ball control valves.

Spring Diaphragm Actuator Design Features

  • ISO 5211 mounting top and bottom
  • Female Star Drive
  • NAMUR accessory mounting drilling top and bottom
  • Adjustable Travel Stops for both fully open and fully closed positions
  • High Cycle Life Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rolling diaphragm for linear torque output for accurate control
  • One piece diaphragm retainer and Nylon bearings for low friction, smooth operation, and long cycle life
  • Field Reversible for fail open/closed on rotary control valves and high performance butterfly valves
  • Heavy duty ductile iron drive housing and carbon steel diaphragm casing
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy paint and stainless steel external fasteners
  • Wide range of Springs 40PSI, 60 PSI and 80 PSI

Automated Valve Assembly

JFlow Controls flanged firesafe automated ball valve assembly.

dual firesafe floating ball valves with spring diaphragm actuator for automation

Our spring diaphragm actuator is used in this automated dual valve assembly with floating ball valves, often used for Oil & Gas industry headers.

Interested in automating valve assemblies? Contact Us Today!